Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Looking Up in our New Home

Lots of the second floor roof framing/rafters have been set. You can see the framing for the three roof sunlights in the loft area as well as some window framing against the back shed dormer wall (back up against the OSB). We climbed up and around on the second floor, but it was chilly and I had not gotten the cameras out of the car yet, so more pictures from up top next go around.

Second Floor Shell

The second floor of our home has taken shape quite quickly over the past week and 2 days (since the ridge and valley beams and fireplace framing were set on 2/29). Here are some recent shots. The shed dormer and two gable dormers are also taking shape.

Dogs Inspect Digs!

Cody and Gretta had the chance to walk around in the house today. This is the first time they have been "inside" and been able to walk around in the various rooms. Its also the first time they have been able to walk out on the temporary plywood we have nailed to the deck framing for our builders to work off of. It is quite the wildlife perch for them.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Fireplace Framing

In order to set one of the perpendicular ridge beams, the fireplace framing needed to be set. It was kind of nerve wracking to see this huge box lifted up with the boom arm and nylon straps. We were "holding our breath" for a few minutes until it made its way to the first floor, was leveled and braced. Rick, one of the guys on the building crew must have drawn the short straw, as he had the "high wire" job on climbing up into the framing to help set the ridge beam on the fireplace "pocket" side as well as to release the nylon straps from their spot in, around and through the top of the box frame.

Roof Glulam Ridge and Valley Beams

Friday 2/29, we had Schaedler crane (based out of Toledo) dispatch a 15 ton boom arm truck from their Saline/Tecumseh yard to help us in setting the Douglas Fir Glulam's - 3 main ridge beams and 2 valley beams. They also raised the 26' of fireplace framing to it's resting place on the first floor so that the ridge beam perpendicular to the main could be set into a pocket built into it. The other end of this beam attaches with a heavy duty steel hanger plate with huge bolts (3/4" x 9") that we had fabricated at ALRO Metals Plus. Unfortunately, we didn't get any pictures of the valley beams being installed becuase the camera died, so next time we are out on the property, we will get pictures of them.

Miscellaneous House Pictures

Friday February 29th ~ Ade arrived out to the property early to broom off the first and second floors for the work the crew was doing with setting the ridge and valley beams as well as the fireplace framing. The picture of Ade brooming off the subfloor is what will be in our soon to be Great Room. The other picture is looking from the Kitchen into the Dining Room.