Sunday, October 19, 2008


Jerry's Drywall, a business under Dice Home Construction of Jackson, started our drywall on Wednesday the 15th. The drywall was all delivered Wednesday morning, and by Wednesday evening, the first floor ceilings were hung already. The crew finished the rest of the first floor and some of the second floor on Thursday and were finished hanging the rest of the house on Friday. They even cleaned everything up inside of the house (the big scrap pile outside will all be hauled away by them on Monday). It is very nice during the construction process to have someone cleaning up after themselves! The drywall needs to "dryout" for a period of 5-7 days, and then the finishers will be back to mud, tape, sand, etc. We are hoping to have the drywall done by the end of the month.

Fall Views at 3700 Wolf Lake Road

Here are some miscellaneous fall pictures taken around our property within the past 2 weeks.

Miscellaneous Home Shots and Cedar Decking

While Ade and his dad were finishing the elctrical for the rough-in inspection, I worked on laying the cedar decking and screwing it into the deck framing joists for the front part of our deck structure. It will also be helpful to secure the scaffolding that the mason will use to adhere our cultured stone to the chimney chase. We will most likely cover it with scrap pieces of plywood to protect the wood from having any pock marks from the weight of the scaffolding. We will finish the rest of the deck framing (joists and rim boards on the diagonal sections of the deck), decking boards, newels/railings and spindles after we have our certificate of occupancy. We will have to either "bar off" our two french doors which exit our onto the deck or reverse our locks for these doors in order to gain our "C of O", per the building inspector.


The Owens-Corning stone veneer is still waiting to be placed onto the chimney. We have aproximately 500 SF worth of Buck's County Country Ledgestone to be added to the interior and exterior of the chase. We decided to bid out this job and currently have 5 open bids that we are looking into. In the meantime, Ade has been busy placing 2 layers of Cement Board above the fireplace, 1/2 inch each (per code and fireplace directions). Above the cement board will be 2 layers of 1/2 inch OSB. On top of all of the wood product (inside and out) will be placed a vapor barrier and then sheets of metal lath. The mason will then use a thick scratch coat of mortar and fix the cultured stone pieces to this with a drystack look.

HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing pre-drywall

Last Thursday, October 9th, we passed our rough electrical inspection . . . the last of all of our "rough-in" inspections. Here are some pictures of the interior of the walls before being encased in drywall. We took approximately 75 pictures to digitally document the electrical, plumbing and HVAC runs, so that we will be able to access them in the event of any "emergency". As soon as Mr. King, our electrical inspector drove down the driveway, we were on the phone with Jerry's drywall of Jackson to schedule the drywall team to start hanging.