Sunday, October 19, 2008

Miscellaneous Home Shots and Cedar Decking

While Ade and his dad were finishing the elctrical for the rough-in inspection, I worked on laying the cedar decking and screwing it into the deck framing joists for the front part of our deck structure. It will also be helpful to secure the scaffolding that the mason will use to adhere our cultured stone to the chimney chase. We will most likely cover it with scrap pieces of plywood to protect the wood from having any pock marks from the weight of the scaffolding. We will finish the rest of the deck framing (joists and rim boards on the diagonal sections of the deck), decking boards, newels/railings and spindles after we have our certificate of occupancy. We will have to either "bar off" our two french doors which exit our onto the deck or reverse our locks for these doors in order to gain our "C of O", per the building inspector.