Friday, June 13, 2008

Furnace Drain Trench

Our excavators (RPM) managed to fit in a quick dig last Saturday for our 4' deep by 140' long furnace drain trench for our geothermal water discharge. The first ~40' are 3" schedule 40 PVC pipes attached to a 100' long perforated drain pipe with a sock around it to prevent sand from seeping into it and blocking any flow.

Log Scrap Art

Complements of our building crew (Tim? Brian? Rick?). Ade found it over in the scrap pile and laughed for a long while. He even took a picture of it with his phone to e-mail it to me. It is now residing on his work bench. We think it looks a bit like E.T.

Fireplace Installation

The Grate Haus of Jackson, MI (Aspen Heating and Cooling's sister company - our HVAC sub-contractors) installed our Napolean NZ6000 High Country woodburning fireplace. The wrought iron faceplate and doors will be installed after the cultured stone facing is complete on the rest of the chase. We opted for a stainless steel packed chimney for our unit (versus air cooled).