Saturday, December 13, 2008


John Richer (owner of Richer Construction, Quincy, MI) and his brother-in-law Mark completed the inside stone work on the facing of our fireplace the weekend before Thanksgiving. Ade and I had planned on this as one of our many projects, but in the end, we preferred to have this portion done before our Certificate of Occupancy at the end of December. He did a great job arranging stone shape, size and color. We wanted what is called a "drystack" look, so there is little visible mortar between the seams. Most likely, Ade and I will finish the exterior of the chase when the weather breaks in the spring/summer. After the guys were done with the inside stone, Ade finished the install of the wrought iron faceplate, doors and fireplace fan/blower. We had a face cord of hard wood delivered a few days later, and we have been "burning" every day since then. It is very cozy in front of the fireplace.

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